Why do numbers mean so much to me
My age, determines my maturity
My weight, determines my worth
My gpa, determines my value in society
My height, determines my undesirability
My shoe size, determines my lack of femininity
By all these numbers I am deemed unworthy of anyone in societies eyes.
Sometimes in the silence of 4am even my own.
But at the end of the day I know that numbers do not define my kindness, my humor, and not my ability to love.
Numbers are made to keep schoolgirls busy.
But I, will not let something as silly as an equation throw off my balance in society.
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"Do you ever feel alone?
Do you ever feel at all?
I just want, I want the answers now.
I wanna tell you you’ll be okay,
someway, somehow.
Hold nothing back,
speak how you feel.
'Cause life's a fact,
and this shit is real.
'Cause I know it gets rough,
and it seems like there’s no hope left.
So next time you get real low, 
just take a breath.
Just sing it out.
Just take a breath.
Don’t be scared.
I’ll be here. 
You can try, love.”

-John O’Callaghan (The Weight)

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